Legacy software

This is a catalog of legacy software from Tom Torfs' past.

All versions are the most recent ones released to the public. You can click on the filenames to download them.


SoupGate is an easy to setup gateway for Fidonet<->Internet for use with a Soup mail client (which is included). Click above for a separate page with more information and to download it.

ProBoard Request Processor v1.16b (prp116b.zip)

PRP is an external request processor for ProBoard, compatible with most popular FidoNet mailers (FrontDoor, BinkleyTerm, McMail, Xenia, MainDoor, InterMail, Cantaloup, T-Mail, Argus, ...).

PRP is not a program with a lot of bells and whistles, but it is fast, simple to install and robust. It reads the ProBoard file indexes directly, so files can be searched quickly without needing a filebase index of its own.

PRP is copyrighted software but free for all use. DOS, OS/2 and Windows 9X/NT versions are included.

Version 1.16 adds HTML documentation and several new features.

ProtEXE v3.11 (protx311.zip)

ProtEXE is an advanced security tool to encrypt, validate and protect DOS COM & EXE executables.

WAMAKE v1.02 (wamake10.zip)

WAMAKE is an automated MAKE utility for Watcom C/C++ for DOS, OS/2 and Windows 9X/NT. You don't need complex makefiles with WAMAKE. It compares the file timestamps automatically to decide which source files to recompile, all you need to supply is a list of source files that make up the program.

Output executable name, compiler, assembler, and linker options can also be specified in the makefile. No bells and whistles, but functional and very easy to use (esp. compared to true MAKE utilities).

WAMAKE now also works correctly with subdirectories.

WAMAKE is public domain software with C source, DOS, OS/2 and Windows 9X/NT executables included in the archive.

CPost v1.0a (cpost10.zip)

CPost is an utility to automatically post source code in a Hudson, JAM or Squish messagebase. It uses Fred Cole's CSplit utility (included) to split the source code.

CPost is public domain software with C source, DOS & OS/2 executables included in the archive.

Tracer (tracer20.zip)

Utility to trace int 21h calls in a program.

Tracer is public domain software with ASM source & DOS executable included in the archive.

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